ANTICONQUISTA on Instagram: "Photo: Lewisville, Kentucky A grim snapshot of the dehumanization of capitalism. You may be treated like a human if you have labor or cash to be extracted. When that runs out, you are treated as human garbage. Meanwhile, Joe Biden has an $890 BILLION DOLLAR defense budget. "Patient dumping" has been happening for a few decades in the United Snakes and it will continue to get much worse. Neighbors report that hospitals "dump" patients regularly. As the inherent contradictions of the capitalist system are increasingly exacerbated, examples of barbaric cruelty will continue to reveal themselves. Let's continue to raise political consciousness! Socialism or barbarism! Full article:"

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The Instagram post discusses the issue of "patient dumping" in the United States, where hospitals allegedly discharge patients who can no longer pay for their treatment. The post highlights the dehumanizing effects of capitalism and criticizes the large defense budget of the Biden administration. The author calls for political consciousness and advocates for socialism as an alternative to barbarism. A link to the full article is provided.

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